Predict & Win Contest

Predict and win contest is one of a kind competition by Venza Research which enhances
traders skills to analyze the market and do in depth analysis to
predict the Market price.

Predict & Win Contest

ON Tuesday (2016-05-31)


Thank You For Predicting

All the best and stay tuned!!

    1. Submit your predictions. (The last date of entries will be thursday)
    2. Enter your valid details (Phone, Name)
    3. Share our Contest on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
    4. Like our facebook page to know the winner of contest
    5. The participant is allowed to post maximum 3 entries during the phase of the contest
    6. Check our website regularly to know more updates.
    • No comments beyond this time frame will be considered as valid entries towards the contest.
    • The winners will be decided on the basis of level of accuracy in the predictions.
    • In case, two participants have predicted the level correctly, the entry posted by the earliest predictor will be considered for the win.
    • The winner(s) will be announced on all social networking websites and Venza Research website, till the contest is open.
    • The participant is allowed to post maximum 3 entries during the phase of the contest , the last entry will be considered for the win.
    • Venza Research reserves the right to withdraw or modify the contest, result or gift without prior notice to participants or anyone else in whatsoever capacity.
    • All decisions by Venza Research are final and based on discretion wherever applicable.
    • The participant entries are made at individual level. These should not be considered as comments on behalf of Venza Research
    • Employees of Venza Research are not eligible for participating in the contest.
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