Redemption Forex Signals

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Redemption Forex Signals

Redemption Forex plan aims at removing a hassle for trading in Currencies for a specified duration opted by you. Currently you subscribe to a package for a particular tenure and when the tenure ends your services also ends irrespective of your P&L.

In order to remove this hassle and work only for your profitability we are introducing Redemption Forex Plan. In this plan whenever you make payment, you accumulate points (Pips) based on the amount paid. Whenever you receive a Signal and Target is achieved it will be deducted from your total point (Pips) and if it hits stop loss the points will be added to your total points. After your total redemption points become zero, then your have to renew. Understanding the needs and preferences of every trader we have divided the entire plan in 4 Groups, each group contain 3 Pairs of same Base Currencies, therefore it gives options for traders to select the group as per there preferences and choice.


Plans Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly Bi-Yearly